Gallery of Gellis

Monoprinting, which is a type of print method where the image is only made once unlike other print methods where multiple originals are created, has opened up my eyes to the wonder of print making. These one of a kind images can be done in all colors, sizes, and methods.

I especially like the ones that show the painterly evidence of brush stroke, or human hand which made “marks” in some way. These can show the energy and motion of the artist. These images in the gallery are examples of monoprints I made on a Gelli plate, which is a product of Gelli Arts. (They have videos and information on their site.

The plate is a permanent-type “gelatin” to which one applies acrylic paint, then uses a brush, stencils, even Q-tips to make “marks” that get transferred in the print. These prints are done on a variety of paper, regular “copy” paper and paper that is a bit heavier, like 80 lb light cardstock with a coating. Different papers give you different effects. See slideshow below for images and details on how they were made.

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