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This time of year, especially in the part of the U.S. where I reside, we are all reminded of the limited amount of sunshine we experience each day. Just about when you think it’s afternoon and you might have that 4 p.m. cup of tea, it’s suddenly looking like midnight outside the window.

I think we all have many friends who bemoan the early sunsets and the long night of winter. And there’s lots of other things in our lives that we bemoan, especially the limits – there is not enough time, energy or resources to accomplish what we want. Or there’s not enough peace in our lives or “me time” in our schedules. Chaos and busyness abound during the scramble to reach the end of the year.

In the arts community, folks are often quick to point out their limits, too.  “I didn’t have enough time before the show;” “I don’t like social media sharing;” “I don’t have enough capacity for that;” “I can’t take the class…don’t have time;” or that ugly one from the inner critic – “I don’t have enough talent.”

These things may be true – except the last that’s a false statement – but those that are truly creative and content are able to someway, somehow focus on what’s beyond the limits, maybe even to the point of limitless!

In 2011, there was a movie titled, “Limitless” (IMDB link) which starred Bradley Cooper. The protagonist swallowed a pill that took him from average, struggling fellow to super genius. He became “limitless.” Of course, that wasn’t the end of the story, but it makes one wonder about how one’s life can change, in this case through technology.

While we don’t have a pill like that, the feeling or perspective of being limitless – without end, limit, or boundary – is the mental approach that creatives need. The ones who are productive and content with their art and pushing the envelop seem to operate without boundaries (at least externally imposed ones.)

The “no rules,” “no plan plan,” or the “create without thinking” strategies are what fuels creativity. Restrictions, recipes and procedures all feel stifling and bounding to artistic types who want to grow and develop their own artistic voice. Flinging off boundaries and allowing one’s mind to wander, to daydream and ask “What if?” and “Why not?” are key ingredients to the limitless view point.

So this is my intention for this month and for the year ahead, to shift my vision to what is out there beyond the limits, to think about the limitless potential rather than the lacking or constraints of the season or the day. Follow me (social links above) and see what’s next!

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  1. Truly appreciate your sharing the journey and the candor with which you do so.
    Like your art, it is genuine and sincere. From the heart. A glimpse into a beautiful soul.
    You have already taken the leap beyond perceived limitations!
    May you be inspired by your intention and the possibilities that will manifest.
    Thank you and happy happy holidays.

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