Creative Collective: Art Meetup

Meetups are great ways to connect with people with similar interests. In my area, there’a a meetup group called Creative Collective of Mercer County that I’ve joined.

The point of the Creative Collective is to get together and share artwork, in progress or completed, as well as increase opportunities for shows and exhibits. So far, I’ve gone to a couple of “Art Shares,” and to the meetup about Copyright and Artwork (or also known as ArtLaw 101).

The people are friendly and helpful and encouraging of each other. It seems like we have a person new to the group each time! We pass around or display a piece and talk about it. It’s wonderful to see the variety of interests – watercolor, oils, acrylics, landscape, still life, photography, jewelry, glass, tiles, mosaics, and even birdhouses and furniture. I have seen some really interesting works and met some talented visual artists.

Last night, I shared Gelli Prints that I thought were “good enough” to stand on their own, rather than be incorporated into a collage… I am sharing below the one everyone seemed to like. It’s an exploration of neutrals and layering that I really like.

neutral-layers-abstractClick to see larger image. Copyright 2015, Green Cottage Studios.

Until next time…

Gallery of Gellis

Monoprinting, which is a type of print method where the image is only made once unlike other print methods where multiple originals are created, has opened up my eyes to the wonder of print making. These one of a kind images can be done in all colors, sizes, and methods.

especially like the ones that show the painterly evidence of brush stroke, or human hand which made “marks” in some way. These can show the energy and motion of the artist.
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