Work by CMiller Artist

Examples of different methods and media. Click on each page to see more work and my thoughts.

Intuitive Paintings

Intiuitive painting is about expression – a way to be non-judgementally present with oneself. In allowing, the artist to let go of expectations and critics (including the inner critic), the results are very differnt and unique to each work. Read more and see examples.


Flowers and other botanticals connect with people, and certainly I find beauty and joy in painting and creating art featuring them. Read more and see examples.


Abstract expressionism is non-representational and freely expressive of an artist’s moods, feelings and thoughts. See examples.

Mixed Media

Mixed media is defined by the use of multiple mediums – paint, ink, pens, collage and multiple techniques. See examples.

Black and White

The contrast of black and white brings modern vibes and expressive art. This grouping was done for a custom installation. See examples.


Taken from the French term for “paper cut-out,” collage uses paper (printed papers, ephemera, etc.) as a source that is then reassembled on a backing – either paper or canvas – to create an entirely new artwork See my collage work.

Book Arts

I enjoy reading! And what comes with that is making artists’ books. See more.

Artist Trading Cards

Small works on paper that artists use as trades. See some of my cards here.