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A walk at Mercer Co. Park. #winteriscoming ...

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Dark days of winter coming. Small hope at the end of the tunnel #Painting #mixedmediaart #art #dailyart #black #darkpallete ...

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Trying to get back to daily #art practice. So I did this little mixed media page in a new journal. Every day is a new page, paint it with your colors. #artjournaling #artjournal #painting #earthcolors #mixedmedia ...

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Sunset over the shopping center. #sunset #newjersey #sunsets ...

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Sharing my Instagram Feed here so you can see my most up-to-date art.

I recently completed The 100 Day Project – creating a piece of art for 100 days. I only skipped a few days. It was a great exercise in discipline and determination.

Work in Progress

What leads one to do creative work? I was inspired this week by being around all the cool art at ArtJam (a pop-up gallery at 19 Hulfish St., Princeton – supporting HomeFront’s art program.) I got home from volunteering at the gallery and pulled out a piece that I had stopped working on and I just gave it a new life…

I love to work in layers and have been working on this back to front method lately.

Thinking about a title, something like “Flow of Life.”

This is an acrylic painting on a gessoed cradled board. I would term it mixed media but it really doesn’t have any other media involved yet. We will see what the next layer reveals…

Collage and Mixed Media

Layers, layers, layers…When I get inspired for a project, I like to consider how I can use different materials to transform the project from a simple collage to something with more depth and richness. 

So for this Koi piece, I printed on Chinese book pages to start. These would form the body of the fish.

Then I gessoed and painted with acrylics the background of the wooden panel. I worked in several layers here to produce colors and textures that would give the underlying deep color of a koi pond. 

Then I collaged on Japanese mulberry papers and painted that. I used the natural fibers in the paper to echo the image of a underwater plant life.

Later I added the shapes of the fish which were cut from the book pages. And I painted details over them.

I sealed it all with matte medium. 

See full size image below: