Mixed Media

Mixed media is defined by the use of multiple mediums – paint, ink, pens, collage and multiple techniques. 

Creativity takes courage.”

– Henri Matisse

Explorations in Mixed Media

What do I love about mixed media? it is more than just the paints or products the artist uses. It is a style that is free from a restrictive “rules” mentality. I love being able to be free from the chains of “this is the way to do art.” And the results are so variable. I love layering, creating textures, using collage (adding paper) and different ways to make art that is expressive and unique.

Painting of green plants on white background.
Striving. 18″ by 24″. MIxed Media on Canvas. For sale.

The Birth of Mixed Media – Collage

Beginnings – Early in the 20th century, the first application of mixed media techniques was done by abstract artists Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque when they pasted paper including newspaper pages into their works on canvas. Since those early times, many artists have taken off with the idea of breaking out of the two-dimensional representative canvas and used many inventive techniques and produced wonderful outcomes.

What do I love about mixed media? More than just the paints, papers or methods the artist uses, mixed media is a genre that is free from a restrictive “rules” mentality.  I really resonate with creating in response to one’s current feelings and not following a specific “school” or way of doing things.

Mixed media art celebrates artistic freedom and experimentation, offering limitless space for creativity. Its fusion of diverse materials and techniques captivates artists and art enthusiasts alike, reminding us that art knows no limits and has infinite possibilities for creative expression.

Small mixed media work on paper using photo collage and metallic pastes.

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