Abstract expressionism represents the internal in an external form.

Abstract work allows the artist the freedom to move beyond represenation and express art in its primative and pure form.

Abstracts for me comprise a focus on color, line and shape. I love to see movement – movement of the color swaths, movement of the brush strokes – resulting in energy and intensity.

Transformation – Slide one – The first of works to the right were created in the spring and summer of 2022, when I had moved back into my restored studio after a devastating flood. I fwas working through the feelings the transformation of re-creating a place of creative sanctuary and was expressing that through the energy and the healing of the yellows and orange tones. Acrylics on canvas.

Blue Dancer – Slide two to the right – This work of acrylics on paper was painted in Summer 2022. The blue and green tones were bring the energy of water to the piece. And the flowing movement of the line brings to mind a dance.

Social Connections – Side three to the right – This resist work on paper was done with rubber cement and acrylic paints. Again, this was done in Summer 2022, and I was thinking about the social connections resuming “post-Covid.” It represents the entanglement of humans and our social connnections.

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