Intuitive Paintings

Building layers and developing what I see there

Colleen likes exploring intuitive painting in 2D and sculptural works – freeing creativity from the critical mind and going where creativity takes her. Intuitive painting leaves nothing behind and produces works that include messy, beautiful, swathes of color, wild and free imagery and carefully constructed, meaningful/meaningless, pretty, quick and rough, childlike or incredibly sophisticated.

These example paintings were begun by creating a random background, and then determining what shapes or images are contained. The negative space is then painted with a solid color (more or less) to create a shape, a scene, a person, etc.

Because I Love You, 2023 (20″ X 24″)
Barnyard Chicken, 2023 (11″ X 14″)
Dude, 2022 (8″ X 8″)
Winter, 2022 (8″ X 8″)

β€œArt needs to be Alive! Not only to be seen but also to be feel.”
― Lyza Sahertian

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