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Honoring MLK and taking action. Both important. #BLM #civilrights ...

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Calm be with you. ...

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My #yearofcolour for 2021 including Buccaneer, Marigold, Smalt Blue, Spindle, Teak, Bazaar, Costa Del Sol, Lochmara, Chathams Blue, Amazon, Java, Brandy, Tia Maria, Purple, Pale Oyster, Sandwisp, Mongoose, Danube, Earls Green, Silver Tree, Sorrell Brown, Thistle Green, Rodeo Dust. Get yours at @yearofcolour ...

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Painting trees and playing with Golden liquid acrylics. #art #artistofinstagram #artist #artistic #artists #artwork #painting #drawing #modernartwork #artlover #contemporaryart #abstractart #abstract #artoftheday #todaysart ...

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Playing with #colors. #painting #acrylics #artistsofinstagram #artoftheday #art ...

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Sharing my Instagram Feed here so you can see my most up-to-date art.

I recently completed The 100 Day Project – creating a piece of art for 100 days. I only skipped a few days. It was a great exercise in discipline and determination.

The Hundred Day Project

On Jan 31, I started The Hundred Day Project. It’s a challenge for makers to create an artwork each day for 100 days. (Note the creation could be artwork or anyting else – poem, writing, etc.)

So we are at Feb. 27 and I have created 28 small works. My “guide” for myself is the size of the work (4 in. by 4 in. square) and substrate (paper of some kind).

I feel good that I have kept up — so far — and been able pull out different materials I have not been using. I have done some collages, painted papers, stamping/stenciling and using iZink Ice from Aladine (colors from Seth Apter’s collection).

See below thumbnails (click for slideshow) for some of the artworks I have made so far! Follow me on Instagram @cmiller237 for an image each day. Or on my Facebook art page @greencottagestudio.

Love is in the Air

It’s February and our thoughts turn to love. Love doesn’t have to be romance – all hearts and flowers.

Love can be a warm fire, a blanket and a cuppa. Love can be your passion for art and creating.

Love can be your passion for nature. . . so this month think about love from all angles.

Below is a small collage – 4 in. by 4 in. – for my #100DayProject.

Playing with the heart theme…

For my Art Journal online class – called Wanderlust 2021 – I did a two-page spread in blues because I was thinking about where the pandemic has left many people – with broken hearts.

Art Journal pages – collage, paint, iZink glaze, white pens, etc.