Making Art

There’s so much more to art than the actual making or creative process. There’s supplies and shopping…if you do mixed media, there’s even digging through the trash or recycling bin for supplies!

There’s planning. There’s experimenting. There’s readying your space and cleaning up your space. There’s finding the tools.

Then sort of separately but not all together unrelated is the business of art – making a website, posting a blog, entering shows or galleries, etc. Even talking to other artists takes up time.

It’s all valuable, however. The swirl of things to gather, things to do and places to go can get overwhelming.

Oy! No wonder it takes so long to get to the paint on the canvas or whatever you do. Each one of those steps can be a barrier or boundary to getting work done.

So what I have been doing is counting each step as progress. Baby steps.

As my fortune cookie told me the other night – “Little acorns lead to mighty oaks.”

Keep watering your acorns!

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