Jump Start Your Creative Dream! Say Yes to Your Creative Self!

So I have a problem that many “creatives” have – how do I go from making art to selling art – full- or even part-time? How do I get my head around the “business of art” – from setting goals to marketing to pricing my final pieces?

Well I was invited by a friend to attend workshops by a creative coach! Who knew there was such a thing? Janna Morishima (https://www.jannamorishima.com/) is such a person! She has a background in publishing, works with her husband in a wedding photography business and has started coaching. Her presentation style is thoughtful, upbeat, optimistic and research-based. She is helping people see the “big picture” and move on with their creative businesses.

I learned a great deal from her first two workshops on business strategy and marketing. I highly recommend her final workshop in a series of three – and it’s free – about pricing your work. March 15 in Metuchen. You can learn more about her coaching practice here.

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