Update: Green Cottage Studios Space

Coming Back!

What is the most powerful force on Earth? Water! Hurricane Ida caused much damage in New Jersey (and around the country) in September 2021. The massive rain resulted in horrible flash flooding in Lambertville, which devastated Green Cottage Studios creative studio space.

Approximately four feet of water swept through the studio, turning everything upside down and inside out, literally. The flooring and walls came up and all the contents seemed to have swirled around and settled in odd places, and everything was covered in mud. Mud, mud, mud everywhere.

My partner Rich and I were able to save some things, most importantly canvases, wood panel items and some works on watercolor paper, and a few sturdy items like a shelf and rolling cart from IKEA. But the remaining contents — equipment, furniture, art supplies — was a total loss. And it was not safe to even try to retrieve such items, and many were beyond saving anyway.

Below are the photos after the flood. If you want to see my post of how the GCS looked before the flood, you can go over to this post. I encourage you to scroll down so you can see the photos of the interior before the flood.

Luckily, I was able to keep creating this fall and winter in my home space. It’s tiny but I still was able to work on some projects. I sold works at ArtJam 2021 – which supports homeless families at HomeFront.

So January 2022, as the calendar turned to a new year, the building had been renovated and it was safe to return.

Just like Spring, Green Cottage Studios is now re-emerging. The space has been evolving as each day I bring a furniture, storage and art supplies, as well as working on creating new art. Many thanks to Rich Miller who has been assembling and hauling big things!

Here’s some photos of the new set up. These images include my Inspiration wall, my window and view to the outside, some things on the work table and the new display grids. There’s still more to be done. But stay tuned as we add more!!

Day 30 – The Hundred Day Project

The 2022 Hundred Day Project started last month, on February 13. I have done thirty artworks since then! I am using a word list, and then randomly selecting a word, and that serves as inspiration for the daily work.

The mediums are acrylic paints, inks, Posca pens and some pencils. I have kept the size to 4 inches by 4 inches on wood panels.

I am also looking for a quote, a lyric, a line of a poem that relates to the day’s theme.

I am having fun with the botanical themes. Below are some examples. If you’d like to see how the project evolves each day, you can find me on Instagram at cmillerartist.

Recovery and Re-start

Two weeks ago, my studio was impacted heavily by the remains of Hurricane Ida, which caused major flash flooding in Lambertville, NJ.

So I am out of the studio for now, working at my home studio and restoring what we could retrieve from the wreckage. Thanks to all the friends and family who helped in all kinds of ways!

I like to keep this blog about my work, so I wanted to let you know about the flooding but also show you what I am working on now!

The first image is of three works, each one is mounted on 4″ by 4″ wood panels, the second is an acrylic painting on canvas, and the last images shows some new collages that I am calling Colleen’s Characters!

A New Studio

New Studio!

Can you believe it’s September? 2021?

Since September usually means a new start at school, at work and in our lives, I have decided to share some happy news today.

Green Cottage Studios – that is Colleen Miller – has an art studio in Lambertville!

In April, after my vaccination and the time for the vaccine to trigger my immune system, I rented this space (see photos) in Canal Center (across from the famous coffee shop Rojos Roastery, a bonus!).  Many thanks go to my husband and sons for helping move in and set up furniture and computer equipment. I packed up a portion of my art supplies and brought them up to Lambertville a bag/box/bin at a time.

The space is private – I even have my own door to the outdoors. What drew me to it was its spaciousness and the ability to work on larger pieces. And it’s bright. The skylight over my work table is really wonderful, bringing in natural light. Even on rainy or cloudy days, I get a direct hit of sunshine.

I have been quietly working there about four days a week and my main goal is to build up a body of work. What I do with the art is not as clear to me as my need to make it. But stay tuned for updates.

I had planned to do an opening event this month; however. with the Covid situation, I am putting that off for a while. Let’s consider this my virtual open house! I will continue to use my website – greencottagestudios.com, my Etsy shop and social channels to share with you about my art and make some available for purchase.

Thanks to everyone for their support and wonderful comments when I share work. It really helps!