State of the Art

I felt a need to follow up since my last post had me stuck in the malaise of procrastination. I pulled myself up and I finished the layouts for the Round Robin book I had on my work table.

With little time to spare, I completed two layouts– one based on the final scene in Monsters, Inc. and the other depicting two scenes from the Wizard of Oz. These were for Lorena’s book which is themed on “Portals.”

For more information on Round Robins, see Altered Book Round Robins post.

I had more issues in working with these layouts, and was sort of less than satisfied with the results. This is probably common to creative types. Yet, it was satisfying to put it in the post and be done with it.

The creative process is such an winding, turning, twisting struggle. Even something simple takes a great deal of thought and planning. Trying to get something to come out how you envision it, is not simple a matter of tossing paint around. Even when you are tossing paint around.

Then, I spent a Saturday doing Gelli printing. I wanted to create a series of prints that were related in theme, or design, or color story. I tried some liquid Golden colors and used glazing medium to increase the transparency of the layers. So now, I now have a series of prints putting together on a panel. (Photos to come.)

I like how they work together, color palettes, strength of dark hues playing off lighter transparent colors.

After I put the panel together, I want to make some more. I am back from travel, so I can get back to making some more prints. Maybe inspired by the travel.

On the plane, I was reading American Craft Council magazine. And I was engaged in this essay about how the art world might try a more non-hierarchical, encouraging art perspective. Worth a read.

Procrastinator’s Dilemma: To Create Or Not To Create?

Creative types will relate. You have a project, or multiple projects, and finally cleared your schedule enough to get into the studio. What do you do? Take a nap, watch TV, or randomly click on things on the Internet!!

Anything but getting to the project and making progress.

I am feeling a bit sluggish and it makes it harder to get started. I find all kinds of things that need “doing.”

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Altered Book Round Robins

I am participating in a small Round Robin of altered books with other artists. I am sharing my work on the books so far.

What’s a Round Robin? It’s a collaborative effort to create a piece of work, but everyone is not together in one place doing the work. So for altered books, the each of the five artists in the group picked a book and theme, prepared the book and did a few page layouts. Then she mailed it to the next person on the list, and that person works in the book and mails it on. Kind of like “pay it forward” only with art. It’s a nice small group that evolved from an online class we all took.

It is really fun and exciting to be involved in a group of talented women who produce such amazing work!

So today’s slideshow includes my work from two books. First up is my book, whose theme is “Artists on Art,” and it features famous artists quotes and images that are done in the style and tone of the artist.

The second images are from my work in Amy O’Brien’s book, which has a theme of “Britianna” and is about all things British. I did a layout with pockets and Queen Elizabeth II dollies in the pockets, along with some Queen playing cards with quotes for QEII. The second layout is a tribute to the current Dr. Who, the sci-fi Time Lord who is a big hit on the BBC. There is a fold-over panel of the Tardis (his time machine, so to speak) and it opens to show the inside of the Tardis. It’s bigger on the inside! (That’s a little bit for the Whovians out there.)