A New Studio

A New Studio!

Can you believe it’s September? 2021?

Since September usually means a new start at school, at work and in our lives, I have decided to share some happy news today.

Green Cottage Studios – that is Colleen Miller – has an art studio in Lambertville!

In April, after my vaccination and the time for the vaccine to trigger my immune system, I rented this space (see photos) in Canal Center (across from the famous coffee shop Rojos Roastery, a bonus!).  Many thanks go to my husband and sons for helping move in and set up furniture and computer equipment. I packed up a portion of my art supplies and brought them up to Lambertville a bag/box/bin at a time.

The space is private – I even have my own door to the outdoors. What drew me to it was its spaciousness and the ability to work on larger pieces. And it’s bright. The skylight over my work table is really wonderful, bringing in natural light. Even on rainy or cloudy days, I get a direct hit of sunshine.

I have been quietly working there about four days a week and my main goal is to build up a body of work. What I do with the art is not as clear to me as my need to make it. But stay tuned for updates.

I had planned to do an opening event this month; however. with the Covid situation, I am putting that off for a while. Let’s consider this my virtual open house! I will continue to use my website – greencottagestudios.com, my Etsy shop and social channels to share with you about my art and make some available for purchase.

Thanks to everyone for their support and wonderful comments when I share work. It really helps!  

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